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Do the words sea and thrill excite you? If yes, then pause for a moment and think about having thrill in the sea. If the sheer imagination gave you an adrenaline rush, Banana Boating in the Andaman is absolutely a water sport you should try. Banana boat is called so because of the shape of the tube which is almost like a banana. This enthralling and super exciting water sport is done in a group of 4 to 8 people of any age depending on the size of the boat. Once on the tube, the rider holds on the tube firmly and tries his best not to fall into the ocean, which ultimately happens. You do not need to know swimming mandatorily to experience this sport. The banana tube is attached to a speed boat, the driver of which is a skilled professional who gives sudden and sharp turns to the boats which takes the fun and thrill to an altogether different level. All the riders are provided with a life jacket and expert supervisors are nearby. At times during the ride the driver attempts to turn over the boat which adds even more to the fun and the spirit of the sport. Andaman Emerald holidays provide a wonderful opportunity at very reasonable prices to have a hands on experience and dive into the thrilling banana boat ride.


The banana boat rides are offered in several beaches in Andaman but the tow of the most favourite spots are Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex and the Havelock Islands.

Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex (Port Blair)

Ever dreamt of having all the thrilling underwater experiences under one roof? Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is the precise answer to this question.
β€’ Among various other sports one of the most preferred places for the banana boat ride is Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex.
β€’ This water sports hub is located in the main city of Port Blair and is easily accessible by all.
β€’ Due to the acute safety measures being taken care of, Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is one of the favourite spot of the tourists who eye to have a fun filled as well as risk free banana boating experience.

Havelock Islands

This all-time favourite spot of the tourists, the Havelock island among various other charms also provide an excellent opportunity to experience banana boat rides.
β€’ Located at almost 70km from the main city of Port Blair, it somehow has lesser crowds than Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex.
β€’ If you want to have the fun of the banana boat riding along with lesser waiting queue and fewer people around, Havelock islands are the best destination to do so.


Depending upon the preference of the riders, banana boat riding can be done for a duration of about 15-30 minutes. As the riders wear their life jackets securely and have a comfortable seating position on the tube, the motor boat to which the tube is tied starts moving. Initially you would feel the slow and smooth sailing of the boat for some time after which the motor boat driver takes very shrill and sharp turns making an attempt for you to fall off. This is the main thrill of the boat ride where the rider tries not to fall off the tube and the motor boat driver tries to make the rider fall off. To top everything up, a photographer is present to capture the fun filled moments and make them last forever through the photographs.


Anyone belonging to any age range can indulge into this full family activity. The reality is you do not need to know swimming and yet indulge yourself in banana boat riding along with your whole family. But there are some basic safety rules to be followed. The most important ones are:-
β€’ The life jackets provided should be properly fastened and made sure they fit you perfectly.
β€’ People with hypertension, breathing issues or pregnant women should not indulge into this sport.
β€’ Anyone feeling any discomfort should immediately inform the safety crew nearby in the water.


β€’ Besides, the Police Department, the Administration of Tourism, the Safety of Tourism team, the coast guards, paramedics as well as the rescue boats present all time will be there by you to assist you in any case of emergency.
β€’ Safety costumes, male and female rest rooms are also available at every sport location.
β€’ Ambulance is available 24Γ—7.
β€’ In case of any medical supervision, the best hospital facilities are provided to the tourists. G. B. Pant Hospital, Port Blair even provides special facilities to the tourists. Additionally, Andaman Emerald Holidays will provide you with all the emergency contact numbers.
So, leave all your worries to us and dive into the sea for an over-whelming experience like never before.


Banana Boat riding comes in as a part of the holiday package booked with Andaman Trip Planner . If payment is made online and in any case due to bad weather or any other unforeseen circumstances banana boat riding cannot be done, the entire amount of banana boat ride is refunded. If it isn’t pre booked with us and for any reason the event is cancelled, we do not take any responsibility for refund of the amount paid.

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Banana ride