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About Bird Watching In Andaman

One of the most popularΒ things to do in AndamanΒ is bird watching. It is known as a silent adventure activity, quite liked by not just ornithologists but also those in love with nature and all its creatures. The wetlands of Port Blair in Andaman is one of the best places to indulge in this activity.Β Bird watching in AndamanΒ can take anywhere from three to four hours, if you want to relax and enjoy watching these birds frolic in their natural environment. The species of birds that you might get to see here, including local as well as migratory birds, include White breasted Kingfisher, Purple Moorhen, Cotton Teal, Egrets, White bellied Sea Eagle, blacked napped oriole, Racket-tailed drango, Scarlet Minivets, Glossy staling, Sun birds and spotted woodpeckers among several others. You can also choose to enjoy a lovely picnic in the woods, while taking a rest from all the bird spotting.

Bird watching Andaman, or birding is one of the silent adventure activities that simply shouldn’t missed during your Andaman Vacation. As they say, bird watching is your lifetime ticket to the theatre of nature. You can watch a silent drama unfold in front of you eyes as you watch birds in their natural environment.

Bird watching is a passion that actually converts humans into migratory species who head out to the jungles and swamps in search of the most exotic species and then migrate back home when their eyes and hearts are content. It requires patience, the right climate, surroundings, season and a little bit of luck to make your birding in Andaman a success.

Β Where to go

The wetlands in Port Blair in Andaman is home to several species of birds including endemic ones. (Endemic birds are those that belong to the region). It has easy access from Port Blair and provides an amazing view of local flaura and fauna.

Chidiya tapu (The Island of birds) is also called the β€œParadise of Photography”. It is one of the best places in Andaman to get sunset shots and view local bird species amidst unspoiled nature.

What to expect

Andaman Nicobar Islands has over 270 species of birds of which 14 species are endemic. If you get lucky while birding, you’ll be able to catch the sight of the Common Moorhen, Purple Moorhen, Lesser Whistling Teal, Andaman Teal, Cotton Teal, Large Egrets, Medium Egrets, Small Egrets, White bellied Sea Eagle, White breasted Kingfisher, Andaman Green Pigeon Andaman treepie, Andaman drango, Racket-tailed drango, blacked napped oriole, Scarlet Minivets, Green Imperial Pigeon, Glossy staling, Andaman cuckoo, Sun birds, Andaman bulbuls, and spotted woodpeckers, all making excellent early morning calls and whistles.

Your handy guide

If you are not an ornithologist or doing this for the first time, here is a helpful guide on identifying different bird species.

Andaman Green Peagion

Andaman Scops Owl

Andaman Serpent Eagle

Andaman Shama

Andaman Treepie

Andaman Drongo

Brown Coucal

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Bird Watching