Chatham Saw Mill


Chatham Saw Mill Overview

Chatham Saw Mill is a 19th Century attraction in Port Blair which is renowned as the oldest and the largest sawmill in the continent. It is the only sawmill that provides timber for construction work on the island and is one of the few mills that export timber to industries and furniture units across the world. It is believed that the crimson wall panels at the Buckingham Palace in London have been made of the planks sourced from the mill.

Chatham Saw Mill is considered as a functioning historic attraction as it has been around for over a century. A tour of the mill and the warehouse can be taken by visiting tourists. There is also a museum inside the mill that gives a sneak peek into the history of Chatham Islands and also details of the geology, geography and the biodiversity of the island. The mill is one of the noisiest attractions in the region because it is an operational mill. So, tourists who want a serene getaway can skip the attraction.

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Chatham Saw Mill