Chidiya Tapu


Chidiya Tapu Overview

Known as the bird island, Chidiya Tapu is a picturesque little island in the Andamans, famous for its natural beauty, numerous resident birds and gorgeous views of the sunset. Chidiya Tapu translates to ‘Sparrow Island’ The tiny island, 25 kms from Port Blair is abundant with lush green mangroves and equatorial forests. While birdwatching is the main allure of the location, there are some fun water activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, deep sea walking, pearl hunting, and boating that one could engage in along its shores. The Sunset point of the island, considered one of the best sunset points in the Andamans, is a prime attraction, offering a truly unforgettable experience of the sunset. This picturesque island is ideal to plan a relaxing picnic amidst the dense forestry and exquisite scenery.

The road to the beach lets travellers pass the fascinating rugged rocks of Kalpathar. A trekking trail is available from the shores of the scenic beach to the grand Munda Pahad, an elongated black cliff at the edge of Chidiya Tapu with an open seascape providing a truly breathtaking view of the rich blue ocean. Along with the myriad of mesmerising natural beauty, there is a mini zoo close to the beach where one can view interesting creatures like the monitor lizard. The waters are known to be inhabited by crocodiles, thus entering the water here is forbidden. However, watching the scores of birds fly by as you relax by the pristine water watching the alluring sunset is a memory of a lifetime.

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Chidiya Tapu