Coral Safari Semi Submarine



Ever dreamt of sitting under the water and watching the fishes swim around you? Are snorkelling or scuba diving not meant for you yet the thought of experiencing marine life doesn’t go away from your head? Then without a second thought, coral safari is your thing. Coral Safari is a recently discovered technique which is a kind of somewhat a completely air-conditioned submarine with glass windows. Coral Safari lets you sit in a submarine kind of structure and see the fishes swim by. Like in a jungle safari, you sit on a jeep and see the animals roaming their natural habitat, similarly coral safari gives you an opportunity to see the marine animals in their habitat. Sitting and relaxing in the sea, you get to see the marine flora and fauna with your naked eyes. The glass windows attached are inclined at angle of 45 degrees, and watching the fishes swim just by your side is without fail a jaw dropping experience. It is undoubtedly the best way to relax in the sea. Unlike other water sports, coral safari does not require any efforts from your side. Coral Safar gives you a once in a lifetime experience to watch the rarest of the marine species with your naked eyes.


The Coral Safari journey begins from the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex from where the tourists board the submarine and begin their enthralling journey. This amazing submarine accommodates 100 people at a time. The visuals that one gets to see during their safari ride are unforgettable throughout their lifetime and is without fail going to leave you awestruck.


This once in a lifetime experience of Coral Safari lasts for almost two hours where you get to see the life beneath the blue waters of the sea. Out of sheer curiosity or for information about the life beneath the water, whatever is your purpose for taking the coral safari, the marine scenic beauty is bound to leave you mesmerized.


Anyone belonging to any age range can indulge into this full family activity. Only the basic safety rules are to be followed. The most important ones are:-
β€’ The life jackets should be taken care of.
β€’ People with hypertension, breathing issues or people who get uncomfortable in compact areas should not indulge into this ride.
β€’ Anyone feeling any discomfort should immediately inform the safety crew nearby in the submarine.


β€’ Besides, the Police Department, the Administration of Tourism, the Safety of Tourism team, the coast guards, paramedics as well as the rescue boats present all time will be there by you to assist you in any case of emergency.
β€’ Safety costumes, male and female rest rooms are also available at every sport location.
β€’ Ambulance is available 24Γ—7.
β€’ In case of any medical supervision, the best hospital facilities are provided to the tourists. G. B. Pant Hospital, Port Blair even provides special facilities to the tourists. Additionally, Andaman Emerald Holidays will provide you with all the emergency contact numbers.
So, leave all your worries to us and dive into the sea for an over-whelming experience like never before.


Coral Safari comes in as a part of the holiday package booked with Andaman Trip Planner. If payment is made online and in any case due to bad weather or any other unforeseen circumstances coral safari riding cannot be done, the entire amount taken in lieu of the coral safari is refunded. If it isn’t pre booked with us and for any reason the event is cancelled, we do not take any responsibility for refund of the amount paid.

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Coral Safari Semi Submarine