Glass bottam boat ride at Andaman



Let us all admit that at least once we all have wished to see the underwater lives and their kingdom while riding a boat. How thrilling would it be if this dream of yours come true? Cannot believe? The glass bottom boat ride in Andaman will give this life-time opportunity to delve into the depths of the oceans without getting wet. A combination of thrill and relaxation, glass bottom boating in Andaman is a must for everybody. The ride provides a small boat to accommodate a certain number of people at a time, with glass bottoms so that as the boat sails on the water, the visitors can see and admire the beauty which lies beneath. Glass bottom boat riding is one of the best things to do in Andaman if you are scared of the more thrilling activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. Enjoy this water sport with Andaman Emerald Holidays and explore the beautiful and colorful corals together with the marine life in abundance without any worry and hassle.


The famous glass bottom boats can be boarded right from Water Sports Complex to North Bay Coral Island or from Port Blair to Jolly Buoy Island. The charges for this water sport is dependent upon the time the visitors would like to spend on the boat.
The most well-known location for glass bottom boat ride is North Bay Coral Beach but as the beach is nearby Port Blair and all common facilities are available here, this beach is a little bit crowded. On the other side, Jolly Buoy and Red Skin Islands are also very good for this ride but these beaches are remotely located. These islands have no common facilities and people have to carry every associated thing that they might need on board.


Glass Bottom Boat Ride comes in as a part of the holiday package booked with Andaman Trip Planner. If payment is made online and in any case due to bad weather or any other unforeseen circumstances the ride cannot be taken, the entire amount of the ride will be refunded. If glass bottom road ride isn’t pre booked with us and for any reason the event is cancelled, we do not take any responsibility for refund of the amount paid.


Police – 100 / 031 92 – 28 24 05 (P.S.)
Coast Guard – 15 54 / 031 92 – 23 26 81
Ambulance (Havelock) – 102 / 031 92 – 28 23 82 (PHC)
District Control Room – 10 70 / 031 92 – 23 88 81
Port Control Tower (Havelock) – 031 92 – 28 21 06
Andaman Trip planner will take care of every necessity of yours and make your holidays a memorable one.


β€’ The tourist must be 18 years or above to avail the booking.
β€’ Anybody above 10 years can get into this ride with at least 1 adult companion.


β€’ Number of People: 1-26
β€’ Duration: 30 minutes
β€’ Timings: 5 Slots (from 9:00 hours)
β€’ Amenities: Life Jacket, Non-skid Footwear, Trained Staff, Restroom

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Glass bottam boat ride at Andaman