Jet Ski Ride


1.Β  Jet-ski Ride Enjoy the thrill of adventure on a Jet Ski ride. One of the most popular water sports in the Andamans; you do not need any trainingΒ to enjoy a Jet Ski ride. There are many Jet Ski operators in the Islands offering Jet Ski ride.

2. It is an activity full of fun and amusement. If you are looking for a water sports adventure like never before, a jet ski ride is the one for you. It lets you feel as if you are the queen or king of your jet, marching along the turquoise water. How to Jet Ski? Jet skis are jet-powered water scooters run by powerful engines.

3. Speed boat rides and jet ski ride Play with the current while you ride in Speed Boat and Jet Ski at Neil Island Famous for its sunrise, sunset, rich marine life, landscape, flora and beaches, Neil Island (ShaheedDweep) at Andaman and Nicobar group of islands isn’t behind in water sports too.

4. Every kid and adult dreams of jet ski ride and we are glad that we offer the experience of Jet Ski ride in the water of Andaman Islands Tourists visiting Andaman can enjoy a wide array of adventure watersports that Andaman has to offer like a jet ski, parasailing, speed boat ride and much more. There are several options for a jet ride in Andaman packages, to choose from, according to your convenience.

5.A nominal rate is charged for this sport and after dressing up in a proper suit and heading the instructor’s advice you are ready to zip around on a Jet Ski. Do not ignore the advice and try not to get carried away by the high speed and excitement. A Jet Ski ride is safe and is handled by a certified rider and utmost care is taken regarding the safety of the tourist by the way of providing life Jackets. Remember to wear a life jacket and that it is the best enjoyed on a good day. During the monsoon, rains, and storms it can be a dangerous thing to go Jet Skiing. The Jet Ski is capable of reaching very high speeds and thus it is advisable that you go along with an instructor if you are trying this for the first time. Out of all the adventure activity in Andaman, Jet Skiing definitely stands out. However, the sport is best to enjoy during good weather only. Jet Skies are not difficult to drive, however, it needs proper caution from the driver. The thrill of cruising through the sea on a Jet Ski, with wind hitting you hard on your face, is truly mesmerizing for every adventure seeker, whether teenager or adult.

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Jet Ski Ride
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