Limestone Caves Andaman


Limestone Caves Overview

The naturally-formed limestone cavesΒ near Baratang island of AndamanΒ are a favourite tourist spot for those who do not mind a long journey. The caves are only a destination as there is a long boat journey towards it. The caves, although beautiful, are not that easy to reach. One has to take a convoy through the Jarawa Forest land and ferry ride to Baratang Island before you can reach Limestone Caves in Andamans. Perfect for adventure-seekers and spelunkers, reaching these caves also requires a small trek.

The caves are a short walk away from the boat parking, approximately 15 minutes. Sedimentary rock has formed in all parts of the cave with limestone is hanging in magnanimous chunks from the ceiling of the cave. Some formations that are found here are speleothem, flowstones, stalactite, stalagmites, and columns, but mostly stalactite and stalagmites. The structures have taken hundreds of years to appear this way; this is the ultimate charm of this place.

It is advised to carry flashlights as the denser the caves get, the darker they become. Travelling through Andaman’s rich tropical rainforests and experiencing a real-life Disneyland water boat ride with attractions galore on each side makes this an ultimate trip of a lifetime.

The boat ride to the caves is considered as a fun and enjoyable experience. Other attractions in its vicinity include mud volcanoes and the parrot island both in Baratang which make for enjoyable experiences.

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Limestone Caves Andaman