Long Island, Andaman


Long Island, Andaman & Nicobar Islands Overview

Long Island is a small island in Andaman mostly recognized for village tourism. It is famous for its untouched white sand beaches, dense natural vegetation that forms the tropical forests and its marine life. The untouched scenery and exquisite beauty of Long Island attract tourists with an eye for beauty and a sense of adventure. It is also one of the islands famous for water sports and ocean cruises. Like most islands in the archipelago, this one is also famous for its views, especially during the sunset and the sunrise.

Long Island belongs to the East Baratang Group of Islands and is also considered a part of Rangat Taluk. The island expands over a small area of 18 square kilometres. Flora and fauna of this tiny island is quite a treat to the eyes. The forests are a mix of evergreen and tidal swamp forests. The hilly regions are covered with dense forests and have caves hidden behind the thick vegetation. Long Island in Andaman, thus, is not just a paradise for nature lovers, but it is also a perfect exotic escape for backpackers and off-beat travellers.

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Long Island, Andaman