Snorkeling At Andaman Islands



Snorkelling is a water activity which basically allows one to swim into the water bodies with the aid of a device called snorkel or in a lay man’s language fins. It helps one to breathe underwater without any problem. It is a much loved recreational activity and generally happens in a tropical island. It is the best way to experience underwater lives. One gets to swim with the fishes and see them with naked eyes and feel like a part of them. People who aren’t comfortable with scuba diving or have some health issues. It is popular among all age groups because of almost no efforts required to live the experience. Snorkelling does not require swimming skills. Moreover, it doesn’t require any high end equipment or any intensive training to experience the sea life.

Snorkelling is done all throughout the main islands of Andaman. Some of them are:

Havelock Island-Β Havelock Islands is one of the most sought after places in Andaman for snorkelling. There are many beaches on the island which offer snorkelling. Among the several beaches, Elephant beach is the favourite among the tourists. Apart from offering snorkelling, Elephant beach gives pleasure of riding young elephants too. The water here is shallow and is best for beginners. The corals near this island are almost in their natural habitat untouched giving the experience of lifetime.

North Bay Island-Β North Bay Island is the closest island to Port Blair where one gets to experience Snorkelling. Since it likes closest to the Capital, it is the most convenient beach to experience the sport. A ferry takes people across the Aberdeen Jetty and brings them back. The corals of this island are spread over a very large area and one gets to have a very close and intimate view of the marine life.

Neil Islands-Β Neil Islands lying away from the main city of Port Blair has less crowd than rest of the islands. Snorkelling in Neil Islands provides altogether a different experience than the other islands. Bharatpur Beach is the most favourite beach of the island for water sports. The beaches of the island have a different atmosphere than the others. The white sandy beaches and somewhat lesser crowds draw people to this island for snorkelling.


Snorkelling can be done generally for around 30mins. The guide first takes you to snorkel in shallow water. After being accustomed with the sport for some time, the guide then takes you inside deep water in which you get to live like you are a part of the marine atmosphere itself. The guide assists you all throughout you snorkelling experience. You get to swim with the fishes and see the coral lives as if seeing with naked eyes.


Anyone between the age range of 7-70 can do snorkelling. Although you do not need to know swimming for indulging in snorkelling yet there are some basic safety rules to be followed. You should not proceed into deep water level until you are comfortable with it. You should make sure that while doing the activity you shouldn’t drift far away from the guide. You should always make sure that your face mask doesn’t leak and the equipment fits you properly. There is a life jacket or ring provided during the activity which you should always keep with you all through out. People with hypertension, breathing issues or pregnant women should not indulge into this sport.

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Snorkeling At Andaman Islands