Wandoor Beach


Wandoor Beach Overview

A small village in the southern part of South Andaman, Wandoor is most recognized for the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, which is among the regions with the richest marine biodiversity. Wandoor Beach is situated at the mesmerizing South Andaman Islands. Apart from being one of the places most preferred by tourists, what makes Wandoor Beach famous is its rich biodiversity and its calm and serene shores. Two islands named Alexandra Island and Red Skin Island are also close to the beach and if you are adventurous, then take a boat to the islands for a trip.

Wandoor is easily accessible and is only 1-2 hour bus ride away from Port Blair. Moreover, the unique location of this place makes it a great place to go swimming as well as to enjoy the sight of coral reefs. You can also just sit by the beach and enjoy the clear blue waters and spotless white sand.

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Wandoor Beach